Saturday, July 26, 2014

We now carry Mudcloth! Visit us on Etsy!

Today in West Africa, just like the Adinkra symbols Mud cloth is very popular, it is woven into elegant textiles that have motif prints in them, leading to a cultural revolution where people have come to embrace the majestic art form of Mud cloth.

The patterns in Mud cloth, some similar to Adinkra Symbols, such as the hour glass motif have the same meaning “Time will tell” This is hand printed into the cloth. As a precaution Mud Cloth cannot be washed, but only dry cleaned.

Today we see Mud cloth being used in Interior decor, and the market now carries even Mud cloth prints in regular cotton fabric prints.
Braid and Stitch hopes to carrying a line of the regular cotton Mud cloth print selection soon.

• Dimensions: 36” Wide/45.5”Long per Yard.

They are eye Candy!
~~~~~~~~Wendy Mamattah.
Be our first order, help yourselves, make your choices, and receive these beautiful African Mud cloth fabrics from our hands to yours!

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