Friday, November 4, 2011

Deceptively Yummy Signature Cupcake Pincushions. Now featured on 'The Quilt Show' June 2014!

Deceptive Yummy Cup cake pincushions are the talk of the town, they are carefully hand crafted from my hands to yours.
I am so excited about the path these pincushions have taken on the sellers market. My eccentric little beauties tend to be a crowd puller and head turner.

Are you looking for that special gift for that mother, aunt, seamstress quilter and crafter that sews and often loves to get away on retreats?

Well 'Deceptively Yummy' might just be right for you, I compare the time that goes into these eccentric little beauties to the laboring process of a woman on the verge of becoming a mother, which is a very painful process, but the beauty of this process is only seen when the child is born and laying in the arms of its mother.

These pincushions are carefully hand crafted, the pins and needles that stick my fingers in the process I shall not speak about, since I just can not use a thimble in sewing, but when that lucky buyer shows up at the sales desk because the colorful pincushions spoke to them, I then know that my child is born and laying in the arms of its mother.

Making the pincushions is so therapeutic, I liken this process to traditional hand quilting, it totally de-tresses me and enliven my senses making me very happy, I am always excited with the end result when the beautiful bun is cooked, looks yummy and so enticing.

For this holiday season, Deceptively Yummy Cup Cake pincushions will sell for a reasonable $25 dollar value plus a $5 shipping and handling fee for 1 piece, and an $8 dollar fee for 2 pieces, there will be free shipping on an amount of 3 pincushions upwards.

For international purchases please contact me on my Etsy Page by sending me a Convo.

Not suitable for very young children to play with, but ideal for a seamstress, quilter, or any needle crafter. It also works as a great pincushion for hat pins and tie pins etc.

When purchased they will arrive packaged in a in a 'USPS Ready Ship gift box' and attached will be my personal complementary card,work will be autographed by me, and 2 diamond studded pins included as a personal gift in a surprise needle holder from me to you! That will be included at no cost to you.

Items will ship within 2 business days.

Be my first order this season and receive these pincushions from my hands to yours!

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  1. Your pincushions are very yummy looking. I can see the love put into each work of art.