Saturday, July 19, 2014

African prints sold in Fat Quarters and by the YARD ready to ship!

At long last the Fabrics are here!!
Braid and Stitch now markets a line of authentic Ghanaian Kente, Batik prints and African prints handpicked by Wendy Mamattah. 
Wendy is excited to share with you her fabric choices which she uses mostly in all her African Inspired art quilts.

By popular demand, Braid and stitch now markets the following items:
• Kente prints from Ghana.
• African prints from Ghana.
• Batik prints from Ghana
All fabrics sell by the YARD which is 36 inches WIDE, and 45 inches LONG. (36/45 inches)
If you want to purchase more than 1 yard of the same print, please click on the amount you want when ordering. We offer up to 6 yards, however if you want to purchase more, you may contact the the store.

Be our first order, help yourselves, make your choices, and receive these beautiful African fabrics from our hand to yours!
They are eye Candy!
~~~~~~~~Wendy Mamattah.

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