Saturday, July 26, 2014

Celebrating Masai. Now featured on 'The Quilt Show' June 2014!

The Massai are very ordinary people with a simple life styl...e, they have always reminded me that the simple and best things in life are free, and beyond all the hardship that Africa endures, they prove that you can find 'Happy' in any situation. They have they whitest smile, and the darkest complexion, characteristics so unique of people who reside along that part of the equator.

The Masai are semi-nomadic people located in Kenya and northern Tanzania. Due to their distinctive customs and dress, the Massai choose to reside near the game parks of East Africa, they are among the most well known of the African ethnic groups.They speak Maa, a local dialect. As well as Swahili and English.

They are live stock farmers, and I have always been intrigued by their unique appearance, the

stretching and piercing of the their ear lobes, including the thorns they use for piercing, as well as twigs, stones, the pieces of elephant tusks, and empty film canisters they wear in their earlobes. Red is the most favored color of the Massai men.
This quilt 'Massai' is up for exhibit in March and you just might see it at a show in you state, so keep looking!!

I created this abstract work to share the beautiful story of the Masai people of East Africa. Fabrics used are hand dyed fabrics and Kente prints. Work is machine appliqued, quilted,and lightly hand painted.
Massai 55W 261/2L

Braid and Stitch is happy to announce that 'Masai' was the first place award winner in 'Innovative art' and also the Presidents Choice at the Northwest Quilters Expo 2011 in Portland OR, which recently took place from the 10th to 12th of March.

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