Saturday, April 11, 2015

Asabone Clutch Purses ready to ship!

They are Powerful, Regal, and sewn strong, they make that bold fashion statement for today’s modern woman; they exude that youthfulness every girl loves.

We are Introducing the 'Adowa' a sub-style line of the ‘New Asabone envelope clutch.’ 
An Original design by Wendy Mamattah.

These clutch purses are based on the simple Envelope design, and are created with West African Batiks, Kente and African prints carefully hand picked and hand crafted by Wendy Mamattah.

• This clutch purse measures 14” Wide/7.5”Long. 
• It has a Bronze mechanical lace fish.
• It has 3 roomy pockets that will fit a card holder, cell phone etc.
• Purse is lined with its own fabric in the lid flap, and high end stiff taffeta fabric.
• Purse is secured with a magnetic snap closure.
• Lace braid finishes on purses come in Bronze, Silver, and Gold.
• Purse has a wristlet attachment.

Some of these clutch purses may have matching head wraps in the Asabone head wrap section of the store. If you may want to buy the 2 together, it can be custom ordered with one shipping fee, you only have to contact the shop owner about that.

Be our first order, help yourselves, make your choices, and receive these beautiful African inspired clutch purses from Wendy Mamattah's hands to yours.

Introducing the New 'Adowa' line of Clutch purses! 
An Original design by Wendy Mamattah.

They are eye Candy!
~~~~~~~~Wendy Mamattah.

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