Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Akwaaba! means (Welcome!)

It’s a brand new day and another art piece is born, this piece is called ‘AKWAABA’ which in Akan in Ghana means ‘Welcome’.

In Ghana we dance with vigor, we hold nothing back, we shake it down with everything our Mama gave us, plus we love to embrace everyone with that welcoming feeling of belonging, what an explosive way to express this but in DANCE.
This art piece is so reminiscent of the welcoming performances given to foreign nationals and dignitaries who visit Ghana and its communities.

I created this art piece for a very wonderful couple, a Ghanaian groom and his American bride, in a way all he says to her is ‘AKWAABA’ meaning Welcome home. 
I personally do wish them a happy married life, in Akan we say ‘Awareso’.


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Akwaaba!  means (Welcome!)
Dimensions 36" Wide/37" Long.
Original Design by Wendy Mamattah.

Original design -2014
Copyright © 2014 

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