Saturday, January 21, 2012

Touch of Impressionism

Its a pretty long while since I spent time on my blog, which I love so much and really never deserted it, I spent a lot of time campaigning for the Deceptively Yummy Cupcakes signature pincushion line which is doing so well and I have more buns cooking, working towards quilt festival.

Many people wonder why I do not put my quilts in all the big shows every where, well I have a great answer for them, I do not do well working under extreme guidelines and restrictions, I feel it does not let me unleash my creativity well enough. At certain levels, I would work with that, but not every time. I call myself a hybrid that works in many mediums and even though I love abstract quilts, pictorials are my main thing, and I get restricted so much to work in abstract when in groups, I easily get bored. When I stay territorial I am true to myself I get better results.

My festival year starts in March, and goes all year round and its going to be one exciting year, teaching, lecturing, and dancing with Kente and Adinkra prints all in my work for 2012. Here is a mini quilt amongst some of the stuff I am playing with for 2012.
Happy New Year readers!

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