Sunday, September 25, 2011

Rythyms of Africa

This is one of my very latest art works reflecting the spirit of dance which was an auction piece to help raise money for the Project Hope event organised by the American sewing Guild to help 'Font of Mercy' which is a charitable organization helping widows in Uganda, this took place in Portland Oregon on September 17 2011. This art quilt at the end of the day found its way into a happy home.

Rythyms of Africa
Rythyms of Africa depicts the spirit of African dance, in most African villages to date, the sound and rythym of drums expresses the mood of the people, and resonates the heart beat of a community, such is the power of drumming and dancing, to touch the souls of those who hear its rythym.

As an artist far away from my native homeland, I have nostalgic feelings of Africa, simple things like tribal dance, festivals, and listening to the messages of the talking drums are things I long for every day, in order to connect with the good spirit of my heritage, I am inspired to dance.
I created 'Rythyms of Africa' to depict the happy spirit of dance.

Artist Statement.
Art work is raw edge machine appliqued and machine quilted, hand dyed fabrics for the background and a mixture of Kente Prints.

Dimensions ~ 33L 40W
Rythyms of Africa
Original Design 2011
Copyright Braid and Stitch 2011

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