Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wallowing Dreams

We all have dreams in a lifetime, while some dreams come true, others do not. The inspiration for this art work came to me as I read about Halley's Comet which last appeared in 1986.

I also learned that it appeared every 75 or 76 years, and the only short term comet that is visible to the naked eye from Earth possibly appearing twice in ones life time, and for me 75 years is a life time of dreams. This suddenly reminded me of my lifes purpose, considering that we all as humans have a pupose in life and need to find it.

Wallowing Dreams represents people of all ages, and their prospective dreams in a life time, knowing that we have the power as humans to dream big dreams, altering and shapening them if we have to, in order to make them a reality.

This art work was created using acrylic pastels and paints, work is hand beaded, machine stitched, and machine quilted. Fabrics used are Swiss linen as a canvass.

Wallowing Dreams
Original design - 2011
Dimensions 29L 52W

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